Our History

Our History

Grace Christian Church, established under the vision and leadership of Bishop Robert L. and Rev. Dr. Azalee C. Bishop, held its initial worship service on May 12, 1982, with a membership of seventy-seven Bible believers. This service was held at 1833 College Drive, a small daycare facility. In 1984, GCC moved to the Columbia Housing Authority’s Latimore Manor Housing Complex, which flourished for over seven years before being relocated to 627 Dixie Avenue.

On October 17, 1995, GCC purchased 5010 Monticello Road, the church’s current location. On September 9, 1998, Grace Divinity College of Biblical Studies, accredited by the Accrediting Commission International and International Biblical Association, was founded under the vision of Rev. Dr. Azalee C. Bishop. 

Our Founders

In June 2006, Founder and Visionary Bishop Robert L. Bishop went to be with our Heavenly Father. He is passionately remembered for his faithfulness in serving the Lord, compassion for humanity, and unyielding desire to improve his community. 

In March 2021, Pastor Emeritus and Founder Rev. Dr. Azalee C. Bishop went to be with our God Almighty. A woman of wisdom, grace, love, and joy, Rev. Dr. Azalee C. Bishop blazed a trail for women church leaders across this nation.  

The Legacy Continues

On June 10, 2007, Dr. Aaron R. E. and Dr. Jennifer D. Bishop were installed to continue the legacy.

Weekly, Grace Christian Church reaches out to the Eau Claire community through its worship services and numerous outreach and community-based services. Grace Christian Church is proud of its history and tremendous spiritual and economic impact on its membership and the Eau Claire community.

Grace Christian Church

Sundays at 10 am
5010 Monticello Road Columbia, SC 29203