We Are Back!

Message from the Pastors

“We are thrilled to officially announce our return from sabbatical. Our time away has been a period of reflection, spiritual growth, and renewed dedication to our faith and calling. We are immensely grateful for the prayers, support, and encouragement from our fellow clergy nationwide and Grace Christian Church during our absence.

During our sabbatical, we studied and fellowshipped with other faith leaders, which provided us with fresh perspectives and spiritual insights. We also obtained our doctoral degrees, established a non-profit organization, started a publishing company, authored six books, spent quality time with family, and engaged in philanthropic initiatives.

With renewed energy and a strengthened sense of purpose, we are excited to rejoin our congregation and continue our mission of spreading love, faith, and hope.”

– Dr. Aaron and Dr. Jennifer Bishop

Grace Christian Church

Sundays at 10 am
5010 Monticello Road Columbia, SC 29203